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Our boutique poolside restaurant offers a taste of the Mediterranean using fresh, seasonal, local ingredients and pickings from our organic garden. It also offers a special daily changing dessert menu.

Opening Hours: 11.00am - 7.00pm


Salads and Chilled Soups

House Salad on Skewer
Cucumber, onions, olives, sweet peppers and our local brined feta on a skewer, with a side of fresh crisp greens.

Indian Millet Taboulleh
Roast tomatoes chopped coriander, mint, bathua / chowlai greens and cracked millet

Smoked Guava Gazpacho
Mint, yoghurt pannacotta

Flat Breads

Raw Banana Flour Flat Bread (Gluten Free)
With rajgeera topped with sumac grilled vegetables, falafel and amaranth leaves salad

Nachni and Caramelized Onion
With caramelized garlic, tomatoes, homemade ricotta and wild mushrooms

Melts and Sandwiches

Tomato Yam Guacamole and Hummus Melt

Creamy Mushroom, Celery and Pickled Chilli Melt

Pasta and Risotto

Baby Greens and Ricotta Ravioli
Aloe Vera Tomato Sauce, Pine Nuts

Spaghetti with Mushroom Trio
Ooty parmesan, roasted nuts and fresh herb

Soft Tacos

Salt Roast Rajasthani Lamb
Yam and pumpkin puree, garlic yoghurt, karela crisp

Rajgeera Tacos
With corn tikki, wild mushrooms, Mathania chilli, tomato, black onion seeds

The Organic Garden Lunch

Take a morning walk in the organic garden, pluck your preferred vegetables and allow us to then create a three-course menu from your basket.
Preparation time of 3 hours

Kids' Special

Loaded Fries
Fries topped with meats, veggies and sauce

Classic fries
As the name says: home-made, Cajun seasoned

Diced chicken with herbs, topped with cheese sauce and green onions

Fries topped with cheese sauce, sour cream, fresh green onions and tomatoes

Chalkboard Desserts
The in-house pastry kitchen's dessert selection of the day

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