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A genuine commitment to holistic sustainability. We are deeply committed to minimizing our impact on the environment while improving the way of life for the surrounding communities.

fort bishangarh village views

An Innovative Trailblazer

Sustainable tourism at one of the top eco-friendly hotels in India.

Our sustainability philosophy starts with a simple idea: to make something better than when we first encountered it. This approach informs the experiences we curate for guests to how our kitchens and grounds operate.

local community at fort bishangarh

Bettering the Local Community

Expanding the reach of our efforts to the places we inhabit.


Beyond our environmental responsibilities, we aim to honor and preserve the local way of life in all our activities, while also benefiting the local community. We are committed to hiring the majority of our employees from the local area to create job opportunities while also ensuring the experience we provide guests is an authentic one. We utilise fresh local produce from local suppliers wherever possible, with a preference for those in profit-sharing co-operative organisations.

Social Responsibility

In the spirit of giving back, we also engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes and encourage guests to participate in these and other initiatives that promote responsible tourism.