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Best Rates Assurance

Alila Hotels & Resorts guarantees that you will find the best available rates for any of our hotels on Alilahotels.com. If within 24 hours of making your reservation, you find a lower hotel rate for the same hotel, room type and reservation dates, we’ll match the rate. Click here to claim.

Welcome Gift

Enjoy one Alila Living Gift comprising of our signature spa products will be presented for every room booked on Alilahotels.com.

Exclusive Packages

Enjoy unique lifestyle packages created just for your lifestyle preference and available exclusively on Alilahotels.com.

Best Rate Assurance Claim

Please read below terms and conditions prior submitting your claim.

Terms & Conditions

Alila Hotels & Resorts ensures that you will find the best room rate for any of our hotels on Alilahotels.com. For a claim to be validated under this Best Rate Assurance program, it must meet the terms and conditions outlined below, and be submitted in accordance to the claim process.

• You must have a confirmed reservation made on alilahotels.com.

• You must have found a lower publicly available rate for the same accommodation within 24 hours of making your reservation. To be considered the same accommodation, the rate must be available at the same hotel, same room category, same dates and length of stay, same number of guests and same cancellations policies / terms & conditions.

• To make the claim, you will need to submit the Claim Form within 24 hours of your confirmed reservation, and at least five (5) working days before your scheduled arrival at the hotel.

• The same room type must be advertised and available to the general public for booking at the same time your claim is made. When the eligibility and availability of the lower rate are verified, we will refund the difference as a credit to your room account during your stay.

• We will not accept any screenshots or other purported evidence of a lower rate that cannot be independently verified by the hotel nor will we validate any request that we believe, is the result of a printing or other error, or is made fraudulently or in bad faith.

• The lower rate must be in the same currency as what is published on alilahotels.com, to alleviate disputes over currency fluctuations.

• For a booking involving a multiple night split stay over different dates, the Best Rate Assurance program will take into account the total room cost of the stay as booked at the alilahotels.com rate, with the total room cost of the stay available at the alternate lower rate, for the same dates of stay only. This will be treated as one claim for one stay, and the guest may not submit more than one claim for their split stays.


• Reservations made less than three (3) working days prior to date of arrival.

• Websites selling “undisclosed” hotels on any “opaque” or auction sites, where the hotel name is not made known until after the booking is confirmed, or any private sale and flash sales sites.

• Negotiated corporate rates, or rates offered on membership program websites, rewards program, airline consolidator or airline staff interline rates, or rates obtained via auction or similar process, or rates available only by using a related promotion not offered to the general public.

• Packaged rates that are sold as part of a travel package including, but not limited to, accommodation plus airfare and other destination services.

• Rates requiring membership, online memberships or programmes requiring a guest -to login to consult hotel rates and room availability. This include all all programmes where membership is not automatic, plus (i) those which require consumers to register to become members; (ii) any online interface or mobile interface used by members and protected by a password; and (iii) where it is necessary for consumers to have completed a customer profile.

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