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Alila Villas Uluwatu Scores Another Green Milestone With New Water Purifying System To Reduce Plastic Bottling

4 November 2014

In an effort to reduce its reliance on one of the worst culprits of environmental pollution – plastic water bottles – Alila Villas Uluwatu has invested in an initiative to produce its own bottled water using a water purification system designed by Eco Pure Waters. Guests can now quench their thirst with fresh drinking water that has been filtered and bottled in reusable glass bottles right here on the resort premises.

The implementation of this initiative will not only significantly reduce plastic bottle consumption and pollution from disposal but also reduce the costs and carbon emissions generated by transporting bottled mineral water to the resort.

Water filters currently provide the best and healthiest alternative to both bottled and tap water, removing more dangerous contaminants than any other purification method. Filtering water is also much more economical than drinking bottled water, and uses no more energy than is required to propel water through the plumbing system. Central to the resort's water purification system is a large reverse osmosis (RO) plant. Reverse osmosis, also known as hyper filtration, provides the finest filtration, with the ability to remove particles as small as ions. During the filtration process, bacteria, salts, sugars, proteins, particles, dyes and other impurities are removed, improving colour and taste, and producing water that meets the most stringent specifications.

From the RO plant, the water undergoes UV sterilisation and mineralisation before being bottled by a trained team within a clean, sanitised environment. Using a water purification system means glass bottles can be recycled. After each use, the bottles are collected, soaked and washed using a biodegradable chemical.

Providing an added layer of quality control, a laboratory water test as well as checks of the plant and bottling room are conducted weekly by the resort’s trained engineers and heads of housekeeping. With the installation of the on-site water purifying system, Alila Villas Uluwatu reinforces its commitment towards sustainability across all its operations.

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