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Spa Alila


At Spa Alila, experience unique treatments that blend ancient Asian healing techniques with age-old beauty recipes featuring the curative benefits of fresh, natural, quality ingredients.

Trained in anatomical physiology, massage, meditation and service, our local therapists combine the latest organic nutrition and health knowledge with the most essential element - warm, genuine care, to stimulate, rejuvenate, balance and relax mind and body.

Balancing expertise with an intuitive sense of well-being, and through the contemporary expression of centuries-old therapies, at Spa Alila we create a natural, heartfelt and surprisingly different experience.


Indulge in head-to-toe pampering with luxurious spa treatments specially created to promote the cleansing and regeneration of your body, while inducing total mental and physical relaxation.

Treatments include massage, reflexology, facial masks, body treatments, scrubs and wraps, hands, feet and nail care, and hair treatments. We also offer combination spa packages and can create personalised spa experiences that combine pampering treatments with spa cuisine.

Whether you choose a single treatment or a full-day programme, your own private villa spa or our private rooms, Spa Alila offers time for solitude, reconnection and a renewed sense of well-being on many levels.

Refer to the hotel and resort spa treatment menus for details, or consult with our spa concierge.


Spa Alila believes in all things natural, whether it be the spa ingredients that we source locally, or international brands that complement our treatment range. Spa Alila products are made from creative blends of ingredients, such as indigenous plants, fruits, herbs and spices, that are fragrant and so fresh they are almost edible - cucumber and aloe vera to soothe, lemongrass and ginger to refresh, coffee and coconut to tone and condition.

Our carrier massage oils are a pure blend of sweet almond oil, often referred to in naturopathy as the queen of all carrier oils, and virgin coconut oil sourced from local villages in East Bali, rich in healing, nutritive and aromatherapeutic qualities.

Our products include massage oils, body scrubs, facial scrubs and cleansers, bath salts, body milk, body spritz, lip balm as well as scented candles and natural insect repellent.

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