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Balinese Jamu

Price at IDR 550,000++ per person

Learn how to make Jamu, a traditional Indonesian herbal beverage packed with a health-promoting blend of herbs and spices.

The Indonesian elixir of life

Known for centuries as a healing beverage, the Indonesian practice of making and drinking Jamu to maintain health is passed down from generation to generation. The Indonesians have harnessed the curative properties of the plants that flourish in their lush countryside and created beverages that are healing for both mind and body.

Jamu is taken in small doses so the body can more easily absorb the goodness inside. Our Jamu is served as a ‘shot’, not as a tall drink. Drink it down in one and feel its natural energy revitalise your body.

Loloh Kunyit
Women use this powerful elixir to relieve period pain, while new mothers drink it to gain energy. It helps to reduce blood pressure, and protect against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
Composition: Grated turmeric, Bali honey, tamarind, salt, rock sugar and cold water

Jamu Don Kayu Manis
Cools the internal body organs and purifies the blood. Composition: Cinnamon leaf, tamarind, Bali honey, salt and cold water

Jamu Beras Kencur
Reduces the symptoms of the flu, coughs and colds. Boosts energy and vitality.
Composition: Kencur root, ground Balinese rice, Bali lime, rock sugar and cold water
Egg yolk optional


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