Rising above Solo's main commercial avenue, Alila Solo offers a luxurious stay in this heritage-steeped city, distinguished by bespoke service and modern style.
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Eight towers positioned to create a star-like pattern of interior corridors

Alila Solo redefines the city skyline with its innovative, avant-garde design. Eight towers of accommodation surround the main hotel tower at staggered heights, positioned to create a star-like pattern of interior corridors. A formidable palette of stone – marble, travertine and granite – is softened by light-coloured woods and eloquent accents such as batik motifs. A monumental floating batik-inspired sculpture presents a striking centrepiece in the high-ceilinged lobby, setting the tone for a distinctively stylish stay that is truly unique amongst hotels in Surakarta.

The heart of ancient Javanese kingdoms

Surakarta, or Solo, as it is better known, is the older of the two royal capitals of Central Java. Together with Yogyakarta, it was the heart of ancient Javanese kingdoms, home to two royal houses, steeped in court rituals and rich traditions of dance, music and art. Regarded as the cradle of Javanese culture, Solo’s traditional court society is considered the most sophisticated in all of Java; the embodiment of elegance and refinement, more graceful, more eloquent.

The magnificent remnants of Solo’s royal past

Uncover the hidden treasures that abound within this fascinating destination through our Alila Experiences, uniquely crafted to appeal to our guests’ varied interests. Highlights include exploring the magnificent remnants of Solo’s royal past, trying your hand at ancient Javanese arts, and soaking up the bustling atmosphere of the morning markets as you shop for souvenirs or ingredients for a private cooking class. Solo is also the ideal base for exploring the region’s spectacular landscape, dominated by volcanic peaks and centuries-old temples – awe-inspiring sights to satisfy your wanderlust.


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