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「スピリット・オブ・ジャワ」とも呼ばれるソロ のゲートウェイに位置するアリラ・ソロは、文化 遺産の街に新しく登場したモダンなアーバンリト リートとして、アイコン的な存在です。
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The Alila Experience

Uncover the hidden treasures that abound within this fascinating destination. Highlights include exploring the magnificent remnants of Solo’s royal past, trying your hand at ancient Javanese arts, and soaking up the bustling atmosphere of the morning markets.

About The Destination

Surakarta, or Solo, as it is better known, is the older of the two royal capitals of Central Java. Together with Yogyakarta, it was the heart of ancient Javanese kingdoms, home to two royal houses, steeped in court rituals and rich traditions of dance, music and art.

Architecture and Interior Design

Alila Solo redefines the city skyline with its innovative, avant-garde design, and facilities that are second to none in the region, including the city's largest event space, and the highest rooftop bar and executive lounge in Central Java.


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