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About the Destination

Big Sur has a rich and storied heritage of diverse civilizations, cultural influencers, forward thinkers and artists of every kind. This is where people come to find what they’ve been looking for — even if they don’t quite know what it is yet. A powerful combination of legend and natural wonder, it embodies the American experience: wild, free and unrestrained.

From its star-strewn skies to its pristine beaches and forests, Big Sur offers plentiful opportunities to unwind and explore. Adventurers will find a variety of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, cycling, surfing and horseback riding. Central Coast landmarks dot the landscape, including the purple sands of Pfeiffer State Beach, the arches of Bixby Bridge and the historic Point Sur Light Station, as well as acclaimed destinations such as Hearst Castle, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and Point Lobos State Reserve.

One of the last areas of unspoiled coastline in California, Big Sur is home to numerous protected species. Depending on the season, endangered California condors soar overhead, southern sea otters bob along the shoreline, northern elephant seals gather to breed on the beaches of San Simeon, and blue, gray, orca and humpback whales migrate on the horizon.

A vital piece of American literary lore and one of the world’s most beautiful locales, Big Sur is filled with opportunities for outdoor adventures, spiritual discoveries and relaxation.


Ventana is located in Big Sur, along California’s Central Coast between Monterey and San Luis Obispo. Just off Highway 1, 28 miles south of Carmel, the resort is easy to reach via plane and car, with several airports nearby and a major highway seconds away.

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