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Sustainable Tourism

Alila Seminyak is strongly committed to social, cultural and environmental responsibilities, which we regard as essential for sustainable business. In all activities, we aim to respect and preserve the way of life and traditions of local communities and endeavour to minimise our impact on the environment by adhering to environmental sustainability policy.

Educational aid for two neighbouring elementary schools

As part of its social responsibility and community development programme, Alila Seminyak supports two local elementary schools in Kerobokan where the resort is located. SD Negeri 1 was established in 1951 and was a pioneer of children’s education in this area. As the population grew and the need for educational services expanded, the local government opened another elementary school, SD Negeri 2, in 1965. Teachers of both schools have been active in developing the schools’ art and science curriculum, and facilitating students’ participation in competitions such as national maths and science olympiads, Balinese dance and art competitions, English speech contests and many more. Nurturing the potential of the students requires the support of creative spaces such as a library, art class, computer and science laboratory. With the students and community being well exposed to tourism and an urban lifestyle, English and other foreign language training and facilities are required to provide basic communication skills. Education that promotes a sustainable environment and healthy lifestyle is also important to create a mindset of responsible tourism amongst the young generation.

"Food For Thoughts" Scholarship Program

Alila Seminyak is glad to have the opportunity to sponsor two students from Bali Children Foundation (BCF) on a tertiary education scholarship program in the food and beverage sector named ‘Food For Thought’. The program was initiated by BCF with a plan to develop excellent F&B skills among Bali's disadvantaged students, assisting the students, their families and their community while enriching the skills of the labour pool in Bali's F&B industry. The program provides BCF students who are pursuing food and beverage-related degrees an opportunity to be trained, mentored and hired by some of Bali’s leading hospitality businesses.

BCF itself is a non-for-profit organisation that provides educational opportunities to underprivileged children in Bali. Through education, BCF strives to improve the quality of life one young person at a time. The foundation works with students, families, schools and communities to identify children that need financial help, supporting them through school to maintain strong grades, and helping them to secure good jobs.

Out of four candidates from BCF who had an interview at Alila Seminyak, two students, Kadek Eva Suantari and Kadek Pidy Antara, both 18 years old this year, were chosen to receive the Food For Thought scholarship, which costs around Rp15,500,000 per year. Alila Seminyak offers part-time work as part of the scholarship program. Both students started the program in June 2018.

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