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Explore health and beauty rituals that will leave your inner nature aligned with the natural world.

A refuge of tranquility and calm, Spa Alila features five treatment rooms, separate men’s and women’s saunas, and a soothing relaxation space. The area’s abundance of indigenous gifts, such as minerals and botanicals used by the native Kumeyaay people, merge with the landscape’s powerful unseen energies in treatments that restore your connection to the earth.



Monday–Thursday 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Friday–Sunday 9:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.




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Spa Alila welcomes members of the local community with seasonal packages, pool day passes and other special offers.

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    Emerge from our facial rituals renewed by the healing splendor of coastal California. Ground by hand with our signature Spa Alila milling stones, each ingredient surrenders its restorative bounty. All facials feature gua sha, which applies light pressure using a flat obsidian stone like those once coveted by the native Kumeyaay people. Gua sha relieves tension in the muscles of the face, boosts blood circulation, and encourages lymphatic drainage, resulting in skin that looks smoother and more lifted.

    • NATURE

      50 min | 286.70

      Essential nourishment for all skin types.
      This fundamental facial speaks to the genesis and deep roots of the natural world with a double cleanse, custom exfoliation created with mortar and pestle, facial massage using gua sha tools, mask, hand and arm massage, and serum application. Powerful, antioxidant-rich chia seeds and white tea soothe the nervous system, improve skin health and reduce inflammation. Beetroot, which is high in vitamins and minerals, helps reduce blemishes, pigmentation, and eliminates toxins, while licorice extract brightens the skin, soothes and moisturizes.

    • Radiance

      50 min | 311.10

      Anti-aging restoration and protection. Discover unparalleled youthful radiance, exclusively utilizing Skin Authority products and the innovative SGF-4 Technology™. A luxurious alternative to invasive treatments, this facial provides instant results while reducing the look of fine lines and uneven skin texture. Through advanced anti-inflammatory exfoliation and innovative Growth Factors, carefully selected to enhance, volumize, and brighten your skin. Begin with a purifying cleanse and precise exfoliation, followed by a luminous peel-off mask that stimulates collagen production and cell renewal. Then, conclude your treatment with a powerful blend of vitamin D, retinol, and peptides to fortify your skin's defense, and a protein-rich moisturizer to seal in the benefits.


      80 min | 384.30

      Dry and sun-damaged recovery.
      Bring balance back to your dry skin with a double cleanse featuring custom-made exfoliation, facial massage using warm gua sha tools, a series of two masks, and hand and foot massage. A gentle retinol treatment and serum application for the face and neck make the Harmony facial truly special. One of the most impactful products in this treatment, astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant 65 times stronger than vitamin C in combating free radicals. When combined with chia seeds, also loaded with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids, this dynamic duo effectively fights the signs of aging and keeps skin radiant. A core mask ingredient, Manuka honey helps ease inflammation, locks in moisture, and has wonderful antibacterial properties. Additionally, organic sake extract is full of amino acids and revitalizes the skin while CoQ10 evens skin tone, reduces sun damage and improves hydration.

    • GLOW

      30 min | 152.50

      Alpha Beta peel.
      Awaken your skin and energize your cells with this “glow and go” treatment. In only 30 minutes, receive deep cleansing, targeted exfoliation, a nourishing massage and mask. Utilizing celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross’ renowned Alpha Beta technology, your skin is immediately transformed. Enhanced results are achieved with our vitamin C and sea marine collagen massage, finished with a biocellulose mask that deeply penetrates active ingredients.
      *Guests may experience sun sensitivity should apply sunscreen prior to any sun exposure following this treatment.


      50 min | 298.90

      Collagen facial, peel and red light therapy
      Our three most effective modalities come together to create a super-charged facial treatment penetrating all the layers of the skin to deliver immediate and easily visible results. Begin with Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta technology, leveraging seven diverse AHA/BHAs to refine pores, reduce wrinkles and restore radiance. A firming marine collagen mask further brightens and fills in fine lines for a smooth, plump appearance. Finally, a high-tech LED mask goes far beyond the reach of human touch and topical products by emitting red light wavelengths that eliminate any remaining deep-rooted inflammation and discoloration.








    Each Spa Alila body treatment begins by selecting the essential oil blend best suited for your desired results. Tableside with a mortar and pestle, your massage therapist blends your base scrub with the chosen nutrient-rich oils. Remain in a state of zen throughout the service as the therapist does all the work, removing the exfoliant with soothing, warm towels. Our essential oil blend choices, imbued by the native plants of our coastal locale, feature rosemary, juniper berry, wild sage, sweet orange, and bergamot.


      50 min | 274.50

      Walnut husk and sugar scrub.
      A customized succulent and sweet exfoliation for more sensitive skin is followed by a luxurious body butter application. Finely milled walnut husk powder provides a gentle polishing base and powerful source of antioxidants, delaying cellular damage caused by free radicals, while sugar granules brighten and promote healthy, smooth skin. The aroma of vanilla brings warmth and creates a sense of emotional well-being; it blends with fragrant lavender to relax body and mind, ease tension and soothe anxiety.


      50 min | 274.50

      Pacific salt scrub.
      This invigorating exfoliation inspired by the waves and bluffs of the Pacific leaves the body feeling and looking revitalized. A sea salt-based scrub crafted tableside encourages blood circulation and gives skin a rosy glow, followed by a body butter application to lock in moisture. The lymphatic system is stimulated and stiff muscles are eased by wild sage, while dwarf pine increases energy, relieves muscle and joint aches, and stimulates the immune system. Adding to this effective combination of botanicals is rosemary, which encourages a strengthening and toning effect on vascular tissue.


      80 min | 384.30

      Body peel.
      This full body resurfacing treatment uses natural, sugarcane-based glycolic exfoliators to remove dry, dead skin and brighten from the top of the shoulders to the toes. A rejuvenating mask with antioxidants, nourishing clays, avocado oil, and topical Vitamin D provides essential protection from environmental damage and illuminates skin; savor a face and scalp massage while the body soaks up this soothing blend. A decadent cream derived of jasmine, sage and citrus complete the transformation of your skin to its best self: brilliantly revived and velvety-smooth.

    • SAVOR

      80 min | 372.10

      Chia seed scrub and massage.
      Revel in your time at Spa Alila, creating space to savor the nourishing properties of chia seeds, which are indigenous to Southern California. Black obsidian gua sha soothes the lymphatic system and a full-body massage with a rich massage butter leaves a satin-smooth finish on your skin. Rounding out this mighty group of botanicals, spearmint has antibacterial attributes and reduces swelling, while bergamot has anti-inflammatory properties, balances the nervous system, and relieves anxiety and stress.


      95 min | 427

      Sugar or salt scrub, massage and wrap.
      During this service that completely envelopes the senses, obsidian gua sha tools ready the skin for a signature, curated exfoliation created tableside, followed by a hydrating body wrap and foot treatment experience. A full-body massage completes the ritual using a rich, creamy massage butter that leaves the skin soft and conditioned. Thyme relieves fatigue and muscle aches, and is combined with sustainably harvested rosewood, a mild analgesic that helps alleviate headaches as well as muscle and joint pain. Together with oakmoss, which is full of antiseptic properties, this harmonious trio soothes swelling, and is emotionally calming.


    Inspired by the soothing rhythm of the sea and the native people who first lived here on its shores, our massage and energy therapies wash away the tensions of both body and mind. As in ancient Kumeyaay practices, healing indigenous herbs including arnica, eucalyptus, dwarf pine and lavender are gathered into warm poultices and oils, simultaneously easing pain and enlivening the spirit when applied to the skin. Other natural tools, such as Himalayan salt, obsidian gua sha and basalt sea stones, permeate even the innermost layers of muscles while the transcendental vibrations of Tibetan sound bowls and focused energy work unburden the depths of the soul.


      50 min | 292.80 and 80 min | 396.50

      Herbal poultice and hot oil Swedish massage.
      Our signature experience combines the curative power of local herbs and massage oils steeped in warming poultices. Once lymphatic gua sha work has readied the skin for the massage, the therapist applies pressure to the poultice and massage oil gently seeps onto the skin. Next, a Swedish-style massage invigorates and strengthens, while releasing tension and creating balance between the muscles. Lemongrass relaxes the nervous system, tones and tightens, and helps detoxify. Yerba mansa has antibacterial properties and soothes inflammation, while complementary chaparral leaf is a potent antioxidant protecting against cell damage. Avocado, full of nutritive and therapeutic components such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, is ultra-moisturizing and helps reduce age spots.


      95 min | 433.10

      Herbal poultice and deep tissue massage.
      This ritual applies herbal poultices heated with massage oils to work deeper into the layers of muscle tissue and improve peripheral circulation. Black obsidian gua sha tools push lymphatic fluid through the body as a prelude to the deep tissue massage, which incorporates ancient tui na-inspired techniques. Enclosed in the warm poultice, ginger has been called the root of life and is helpful for reducing muscular aches and pains. Obsidian is also renowned for its excellent anti-inflammatory effects in treating these maladies. Clove’s warming properties relieve fatigue, as well as the uplifting scent of eucalyptus, which eases joints through anti-viral action.

    • RHYTHM

      50 min | 286.70

      Sound bowl massage.
      Discover and realign the natural rhythm of your body through vibrational sound therapy with a Tibetan singing bowl, aromatherapy breathwork, and a full-body relaxation massage. Tibetan bowls are thoughtfully applied to points in need of balance, their unique vibrations imparting a feeling of deep serenity and calm. Used in the massage, lavender gently relaxes the body, eases tension and pain in muscles and joints, and soothes anxiety. Sage stimulates the lymphatic system, boosts glandular function and releases stiff muscles, while its powerful anti-inflammatory properties treat sprains, contusions and joint pain.


      50 min | 286.70

      Prenatal massage.
      Prenatal-safe massage techniques and products nurture both mom-to-be and baby in this Swedish-style massage. Kukui nut oil, treasured for its soothing and healing properties, restores supple skin. Rosehip fruits nourish skin with essential vitamins and beta carotenes to resist damage and maintain elasticity throughout the remainder of the pregnancy journey.

    • ZENITH

      50 min | 298.90 and 80 min | 420.90

      Therapeutic sports massage.
      This deep, powerful massage works into all the layers of the body to alleviate tension and muscular stress with the aid of various herbs. Arnica flower and lavender calm inflammation in muscles and joints, while the latter also soothes the mind from mental stressors. Sage stimulates the lymphatic system, boosts glandular function and eases stiffness.


      45 min | 247.50

      Percussive therapy massage.
      Rapid, targeted vibrations provide the deepest reach and relief of all our therapies in this massage combining hightech and human touch. A percussive therapy device quietly delivers soothing pulsations to muscles, stimulating blood flow, warming the body and loosening tension to prepare for hands-on work.


      80 min | 396.50

      Hot basalt stone massage.
      Resembling the smooth wind- and water-swept rocks found along our beach, basalt stones melt away muscle tension and transport you to a state of bliss. The therapist glides the heated stones over the body in a full-body Swedish massage incorporating uplifting botanicals. Lavender equally eases mental and physical tension while sustainably harvested sandalwood is also grounding and calming. Spearmint’s cooling, antibacterial properties reduce internal swelling, as vitamin-rich avocado nourishes the outer layers of the skin.


      50 min | 280.60

      Himalayan salt stone massage.
      Himalayan salt stones lightly and naturally exfoliate the skin during a deeply relaxing full-body Swedish-style massage that will reconnect you to the core of the natural world. With 84 naturally occurring minerals, Himalayan salt stones help support a healthy respiratory system and sinuses, boost bone health, and prevent muscle cramps. This purifying resource also improves circulation and digestion, relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia.


      50 min | 280.60

      Spa reflexology
      Pressure point work within the reflex zones of the feet leads to full-body balance and calm. Each point on the foot corresponds to specific areas of the body, allowing for a comprehensive yet targeted approach to physical and mental stress release. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

    • CHAKRA

      50 min | 280.60

      Reiki energy healing
      Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that also promotes both physical and emotional repair. By opening and cleansing the chakras, our therapists enhance your energy flow and amplify your body’s ability to heal naturally, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing. Wear yoga or exercise attire.


      50 min | 280.60

      Craniosacral therapy
      This form of energy therapy shifts the mind and body into a mode of rest and recovery. Light physical touch encourages the flow of curative cerebrospinal fluid throughout the brain and entire body, rebalancing the central nervous system and supporting an energetic paradigm shift through a clearer mindset. Wear yoga or exercise attire.


      30 min | 103.70

      Compression boots
      Inflated sleeves apply therapeutic pressure to boost circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and decrease swelling and stiffness in the legs.






    True, total wellness transcends the body. Nourish the mind and spirit with holistic sessions led by our resident master yoga teacher and healer in the privacy and comfort of your guestroom. 72 hours advance booking notice required.

    • EXHALE

      60 min | 225

      The sacred practice of breathwork offers deep healing through an active, breathing-based meditation technique that creates a heightened sense of awareness. Let us guide you through a session that will soften anxiety, release grief, and clear negative energies to expand your creativity, foster forgiveness and deepen your love of self and others.

    • COSMIC

      60 min | 350

      Astrology readings
      An ancient science, this detailed analysis of the stars’ alignment during your birth reveals patterns, possible pitfalls and potential opportunities to achieve your life’s purpose. We will thoroughly evaluate your sun, moon and rising signs, as well as the placement of other planets to better understand the influences affecting your energy and life path both in the past, present and future.

    • VIBE

      60 min | 396.50

      Private sound healing
      Sound has the power to cleanse negative emotions, dissolve unconscious fears, and reset both brain and body to a more peaceful and mindful state. This private session begins with breathwork and meditation before crystal singing bowls, chimes and other soothing sound instruments lead you on a transformative healing journey.

    • ALIGN

      60 min | 255

      Private yoga sessions
      Elevate your practice during one-on-one yoga classes. Discover improved flexibility, deeper breath, enhanced focus and optimal alignment in your poses with undivided attention from our expert instructor.

    • UNIFY

      60 min | 475

      Elemental healing
      We are multi-dimensional beings, and one modality of healing cannot reach all the facets of your intricate self. A bespoke, in-depth session utilizing a mix of elements is the most effective and efficient path to recovery. Elemental sessions may integrate reiki, meditation, essential oils, crystals, sound healing, infrared therapy, breathwork and other remedies tailored to the many layers that make up the inimitable you.



      50 min | 91.50

      Salt scrub and magnesium.
      More than a manicure, this nail therapy imparts the restorative benefits of a botanical Epsom scrub. Salt crystals exfoliate to allow tension-relieving magnesium to permeate the muscles, and red algae soothes and seals skin with hydration. Also includes a hand soak, nail grooming and shaping, polish, and nourishing lotion.


      50 min | 103.70

      Salt scrub and magnesium.
      Fatigue, cramps and stiffness wash away from the start with an ocean-inspired foot soak and magnesium scrub. Juniper, rosemary and thyme follow to uplift and tone by stimulating circulation. Nail grooming and shaping, polish, nourishing lotion, and cucumber hydrosol mist conclude the ritual.


      50 min | 97.60

      Hot stone.
      Lush and relaxing, this manicure combines hot stones and whipped jojoba butter for rich, soothing warmth. A soak and salt scrub prime the skin for a healing stone massage of the hands and arms. Turquoise sage and lavender purify, while jojoba lusciously locks in the calming and warming benefits. Also includes nail grooming, shaping and polish.


      80 min | 146.40

      Hot stone and clay mask.
      A foot ritual that is as curing as it is calming commences with a soak and salt scrub infused with purifying sage, lavender, and mint. Freshly exfoliated skin is further detoxified with a clay mask and muscle-melting hot sea stone massage of the legs and feet. Jojoba butter seals in soothing warmth and energy for the next step of your journey.


      30 min | 67.10


      15 min | 48.80

Gift Cards & Boutique Boxes

Give the gift of wellbeing with a Spa Alila gift card, available for purchase at the spa front desk. For an elevated gifting experience, let us curate a boutique box filled with products that perfectly align with your recipient’s wellness journey.