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The Greenbank at Alila Manggis

Our Promise

To help the community manage their dry waste and ensure that it is disposed of effectively and correctly for proper re-cycling or re-use in the short, medium and long term.

How It Started In 2010

In 2010, we spent many hours a week with the help of an Environmental Consultant who worked twice a month with our team, engaging in many activities within our property to become more responsible in our behaviour towards our environment and its sustainability: from water saving through better supervision, to garbage segregation in-house rather than through a third party, to composting our own green waste and isolating wood for firewood for the benefit of the traditional villager who may still prefer to use it. Once we were able to manage our own garbage and waste in an organised manner (though still evolving to be perfect), we felt that we were ready to slowly and steadily spread our newfound knowledge to the adjoining village of Buitan. A programme was developed and is ongoing to encourage the inhabitants of Buitan, a village within the village of Manggis, to invest their time and effort in the the Greenbank to create a litter-free future.

Green initiatives

- To complete the Collection Point, Sorting Station and playground for kids in the village which will in turn assure us of extended participation.
- To appoint a working committee from amongst the team at the hotel. To work at setting up ‘home gardens’ in interested homes.
- To train clusters of families in different crafts such as candle-making and re-cycling paper to make cards and notelets, etc, so that as a home industry, our promise would be to buy back from them and sell them through our Alila Living boutique.
- Set up a better organised composting area.
- Continue to reduce the issue of non-biodegradable products in the hotel operation.
- To build a storage area for plastic rubbish collection, sell the collected items and channel the revenue to support the "Greenbank" initiatives.
- To sponsor selected local representatives for "Green Ambassador" education and training programme.

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