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营业时间: 7.00am - 11.00pm



Price in Omani Rial and subject to 17% government tax and service charge


Creamy Hummus with Jabal Olive Oil and crisp chickpeas

Matbucha - Spicy tomato and eggplant salad with fragrant herbs

Apricot and Pistachio Tabbouleh with orange blossom.

Air dried beef with mixed pickles

Shaved carrots with pine nuts and saffron tomato dressing

Soft white cheese with za'atar, chili and lemon


Tomato Soup with roasted artichoke, green olives and rice

Cream of chicken and roasted corn soup with parsley and lemon


Warm roasted globe artichoke, baby carrots, sesame, purslane, green olive aioli

Scallop, pumpkin, fragrant frigola, pomegranate and roasted artichoke globe

Steamed prawns, green beans, semi dried tomatoes, saffron aioli, apricot and toasted almond

Smoked duck breast with house pickles, tamarind and spice pine nuts

Beef and Sour cherry kefta, smoked yoghurt and pickled cucumber


Kushari - Moroccan brown lentil, chickpeas, rice, spicy tomato sauce

Mix Mushroom carnaroli risotto with parmesan cheese, parsley and truffle oil

Samac Harra, crisp pine nut semolina, green tabbouleh and olive puree

Omani spice lamb loin, corn frigola, green peas, pomegranate, date sauce and fresh yoghurt

Mandagery creek venison, parsnip truffle puree, pomegranate reduction and Juniper berry jus


Mash Potato

Thick chips cooked three times, serve with homemade Jabal tomato ketchup

Fresh vegetable medley, garlic, lemon and fresh prasley

French beans with feta crumbled and honey lemon dressing

Fattouche salad with baby romaine, radish, tomatoes and peppers

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