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The Spice Market

Every Friday | Dinner from 7.00pm | Plantation Restaurant

Travel with us back to the days of the famed spice routes originating in Indonesia, when spices and herbs were worth more than gold and current commodities. Celebrate the rich variety of spices and herbs at our “Pasar Malam” (night market) where you will find only local ingredients, authentic dishes and traditional Balinese music and dance. Savour Bali’s most festive dishes, including the famous ‘Babi Guling’ (crispy suckling pig), à la minute grilled Sate Campur (mixed sate), fresh seafood, live preparation of ceremonial Balinese sweets, and much more. A true feast!

Our bartenders have created a unique selection of locally inspired cocktails and infusions, and cordially invite you to begin the evening with complimentary cocktails starting at 6.30pm.

IDR 600.000++ / per person

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