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About the Destination

Located in the outer suburbs of Suzhou, Lake Taihu is the third-largest freshwater lake in China, whose vast beauty, surrounded by an undulating landscape of lush hills and misty peaks, inspires awe and refreshes the senses.

Connected to the mainland by the Great Taihu Lake Bridge, Xishan Island is the largest island in the lake, where enriching journeys of discovery await amidst spectacular scenery blessed with an abundance of natural and cultural gems.

Mountain hiking or cycling around the coast are invigorating ways to capture the most picture-perfect views. Shigong Mountain provides one of the best vantage points, overlooking the lake panorama on three sides. On your sightseeing journey, visit the island’s orchards and plantations, renowned for growing a wide variety of seasonal fruits all year round, including loquat,waxberries, as well as exquisite Chinese tea, the famous Biluochun green tea. Other not-to-be-missed scenic and historical spots include the ancient village of Ming Yue Wan, one of the oldest and best-preserved villages on the island showcasing local culture, and the amazing natural wonder of Linwu Cave.

Whether immersing in adventure outdoors, learning about the local culture or simply sitting in quiet contemplation off the beaten track, Alila Taihu Suzhou offers unique experiences to fully appreciate this extraordinary destination.

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