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Alila Zero Waste to Landfill - March 2018

Alila Villas Uluwatu (AVU)

On the 2nd of April 2018 we took officially took over the waste contract from Tembyek Lestari and are now processing all wastes on a daily basis.

This was an important milestone for us and we are relieved to have achieved it!

Organic Garden is now going very well under the care of Jye our Permaculture Manager. We are now taking produce to the Receiving Area and then on to the kitchens in ever increasing amounts and will be able to start communicating some of that data over the coming months as we hit operational milestones.

At the iSuRRF area the Plastic shredder and Pyrolysis machines are still proving elusive, as we work through the importation red tape, but we feel these are now only days to weeks away and we hope to share good news very soon.

Alila Seminyak (ASK)

Approvals are in place for Phase 1 of the Organic Garden which will begin on Thursday 12th April 2018. Final planning for installation of containers and taking over the waste rooms in May are in the final stages of planning.

The ASK iSuRRF and broader Alila Bali Portfolio project will be promoted and showcased by Australian Consul General for Bali and Lombok with a VIP event at ASK booked for World Environment Day on 5th June 2018. We will ensure that the project is ready for the delegates to see.

Alila Ubud (ALU)

ALU iSuRRF partially underway with daily green waste chipper and glass crushing.

The containers for ALU and ALM have been rescheduled to both arrive on the 2nd of May and we anticipate placing each those during that week.

Area behind ALU Engineering workshop now being utilised for Green Waste Processing. We have a partial operation of the iSuRRF system at ALU with Green Waste Chipper and Glass Crusher in daily operations.

Alila Manggis (ALM)

ALM and ALU Containers to be delivered in the first week in May with equipment integration during the same week.

All Sites we are looking to Close out by 05 June 2018.

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