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Make Everyday Earth Day

Implementing earth-friendly changes to everyday habits can help save the planet, and can often save you money. In celebration of Earth Day this April, here are 10 Tips For Living Sustainably While You #StayAtHome.

1. Enjoy the sunshine. Open your blinds and let in more natural light rather than turning on the lights.

2. Delight in fresh air. Switch off the AC every morning.

3. Try making our zero-waste concept cocktails at home.

4. Use reusable cloths instead of tissue paper.

5. Start home gardening to grow your own vegetables, fruits or herbs.

6. Handwash your clothes when you have only a few items.

7. Bring your own shopping bag when doing your groceries.

8. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.

9. Use non-toxic cleaning and laundry products.

10. Turn off your lights in the evening and use candles instead.

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