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Coffee Bar

Framed by wow-inducing ocean views, the Coffee Bar is the perfect pit stop any time of day.

Refresh with sweet and savoury bites while skilful baristas whip up your preferred brew. Begin your evening with a signature cocktail such as an Espresso Martini, rendezvous with our Leisure Concierge team to plan your day’s adventures.

Open 24 hours.

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White Chocolate and Cashew Cookies 30

Salted Chocolate Cookie 30

Muesli Cookies 30

Chocolate and Raisin Cookies 30

Cereal Cookies 30


Crème Brûlée 80

Tiramisu 135

Cheese Cake 105

Cinnamon Donuts 95

Pisang Goreng 80

Fruit Platter 120


Espresso 40

Macchiato 40

Black Coffee 45

Cappuccino 50


Peach Orange Ice Tea 70

Lemon Mint Ice Tea 70

Arnold Palmer Ice Tea 70

Passion Iced Tea 70

Lychee Iced Tea 70


Assam Breakfast 50

Darjeeling 50

Earl Grey 50

Green Tea-Jade Sword 50

Jasmine Pearl 50

Yellow Gold 50

Vintage Cooked Pu’er Tea 50

Whole Peppermint Leaf 50

Whole Chamomile Flowers 50

Prices are in thousand Rupiah and subject to 21% tax and service charge

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