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Alila Happenings

*Based on the resort's schedule

Morning Bike
Embark on a captivating morning cycle ride through the Seminyak’s hot spots and explore the timeless traditions of the Balinese people

Behind The Artisan-sip
Embark on a journey of liquid arts. Discover the special techniques and preparation methods behind our zero waste cocktails, kombuchas and jamus. Guided by our Mixologist, the 1 hour course will show tips and tricks of our best sips.

Coconut Leaf Art
Engage in reviving an ancient Balinese tradition through coconut leaf art

Flower Gebogan
Gratify your creativity and discover your inner artist by making one of the most beautiful and colorful Balinese offerings

Daily Ritual
Experience the Balinese daily offering ritual to express gratitude and hope for an abundance of peace

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