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Experience the blissful heights of relaxation in East Bali with Alila Manggis where lush rice terraces and forested hills lead up the slopes of sacred volcano Mount Agung.

01 January 2016

When the adventurer in you stirs, Alila Manggis also offers a series of exclusive customised activities for you to engage in, designed to integrate indigenous nature, traditional culture and local community. Taking you on walks through the countryside to forests and rice terraces to discover local temples, away from the tourist trail. Guests can now enjoy two newly crafted experiences, taking in some of the area’s most pristine and untouched sights.

Pasar Agung
Just a 30-minute journey from Villa Idanna, behold Pasar Agung, a magnificent temple that lies off the beaten track, three quarters of the way up majestic Mount Agung. This breathtaking temple complex serves as the sacred meeting place of Bali’s most ancient deities – the ancestors of the Gods of Besakih – hence the name Pasar Agung (the supreme market place.) Spared in the last eruption in 1963, it was restored to new glory in 1993. As a monument, it is staggering and rivals the Mayan temples of Central America. Overlooking the entire island, it is surrounded by a forest of towering ferns and pine trees and remains the most dramatic setting and pilgrimage site in Bali. The stunning panorama even stretches as far as Lombok and Java, whose volcanoes can be seen brewing on the distant horizon.

Country Walk
There’s no better way to appreciate the raw beauty of the surroundings than on foot. This classic easy country walk begins just below the Villa Idanna and weaves through the rice fields leading directly to the extraordinary banyan tree that shades the Temple of the Ancestors. This unmissable experience will open your eyes to the surprising culture and traditions that remain alive today, where farmers still till their lands with cow-driven ploughs and plant their crops by hand, while mothers and daughters weave prized songket textiles used in all Balinese rites of passage. Those who wish to explore further can continue their walk following the irrigation channels that run through the rice fields.

These experiences are offered for all guests staying at either Alila Manggis or Villa Idanna with a lunch included. The perfect escape for those seeking passive activity and anonymity amid awe-inspiring nature. For more information or booking, please contact the reservations team at +62 363 41011 or email: manggis[at]

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