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Write your next chapter in wine country


In Napa, every vineyard is the beginning of a journey in which humble grapes are transformed into extraordinary wines. And just as each bottle that emerges is more than the sum of its parts, a marriage is about two people becoming a force more powerful than they could as individuals.

Nestled in this radiant region, Alila Napa Valley is an immaculate setting for weddings with up to 120 guests, an intimate sanctuary for you to write your next chapter. Say your vows on the lush 4,000-square-foot Acacia Lawn, a backdrop of mountains and endless vines symbolizing your strength and limitless potential. Celebrate in the rustic, light-filled Acacia Barn. Gather for group wine tastings and private dinners with cuisine from Chris Cosentino. You’ll revel in the estate-like atmosphere, which can be elevated even further with a full property buyout. It’s the beginning of your own transformative journey, a time and place you’ll never forget.

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