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The Art of Coconut

Embark on a unique cultural, artistic and culinary journey to understand why the coconut tree is called the Miracle Tree. Coconut plays an integral part in Maldivian day-to-day life, where every aspect of the tree is used, whether in food, to create art or make coir ropes.

Our Leisure Concierge host will take you around the island to watch how the locals climb the coconut trees in the traditional way and enjoy fresh coconut water. Then have a go at making some traditional Maldivian dishes, to be enjoyed afterwards overlooking the gentle waves. Continue on to our Mix It at Mirus mixology class to learn a few simple tips that can elevate your cocktail-making skills using coconut as a base. Little ones can also join in the fun by learning how to make a beautiful arts and creation using a coconut palm.

Your relaxation is further enhanced with a tropical coconut and flower bath, followed by massage and a mini facial to finish, ensuring you feel totally rebalanced and revitalized after the journey.

4 hours | USD 645++ / couple

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