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Spa Indulgence

Relax on board or on the sands of a nearby deserted beach with some unadulterated pampering by our spa therapist. Enjoy the soothing pleasures of a signature Alila massage or spa treatments personalised to your needs. Our treatments harness the benefits of naturally active products to bring you back into balance, leaving you as deeply relaxed and composed as the surrounding calm seas.

Balinese Massage
Feel tension dissolve with this ancient Balinese healing therapy that combines gentle stretching, long therapeutic strokes and nurturing touches to relax and relieve muscle pain. Palm and thumb pressure techniques are also applied to unravel the deepest stress and improve blood flow.

Sole Express
Sit back and relax as your therapist applies varying degrees of pressure to specific points on the feet using thumb and finger pressure to unblock energy flow and promote the body’s natural healing from within. The perfect treat for your feet!

Head, Neck and Shoulders
Aimed at releasing built-up muscle tension and neck pain. Our therapist delivers a combination of thumb, knuckle and palm pressure work with smooth gliding strokes along the neckline and shoulders to help dissolve deep muscular knots.

Quick, Clean and Kind
This fast and fabulous facial provides deep-cleansing essentials to remove leftover residue from harsh sunscreens and zinc, while a gentle exfoliant of milled coconut removes unwanted dead skin. Finally a volcanic clay mask infused with rose essential oils is applied, softening and reviving your glow.

Heal and Hydrate Body Masks
A full-body nourishing mask of aloe vera and cucumber soothing extracts which assist to cool and deeply moisten sun-kissed or damaged skin. Blended with organic virgin coconut oil that provides rich nutritional oils easily absorbed by the skin. This mask also helps preserve the duration of one’s tan and reduces skin peeling.

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