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Ambon – Raja Ampat

Cruise through stunning dives sites and islands on the Banda Sea and Ceram Sea, from Ambon to the archipelago of Raja Ampat, whose pristine environment has been described as the last paradise on earth. Spanning more than 40,000 sq km of land and sea off the northwest tip of New Guinea in Indonesia’s West Papua province, Raja Ampat, or ‘the Four Kings’, comprises the four major islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, surrounded by over 1,500 small islands.

Heading east of Ambon, a fertile, mountainous island located on the north side of the Banda Sea, dive in the beautiful waters of Nusa Laut, where dolphins and pilot whales can often be spotted on the surface. Sail past the small islands of Suanggi on your way to Banda Neira, once the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company and the global centre of the nutmeg trade. Be amazed by Misool, where the scenery is unrivalled, the soft corals more vividly colourful, and the marine life remarkably varied. Raja Ampat’s marine life diversity is the highest recorded on earth, and nowhere more so than the Dampier Strait, a natural paradise located between Batanta and Waigeo islands. A dive here in the Sardine Reef will astound you with fish in their hundreds; over 970 different species have been recorded here. Above the water, this remote region is no less stunning: pristine beaches, hidden coves, unique flora, birds of paradise…a land of almost unimaginable beauty.

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