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At The Spice Studio, Alila Diwa Goa

04 September 2014

Goa, August 2014: With a large number of visual distractions around us, we often miss out on the most important part of any dining experience – the flavour of the food. With a renewed focus on food and flavour becoming the main highlights of a meal, Spice Studio the signature Indian restaurant at Alila Diwa Goa presents a pop up concept in Sensory Dining ‘In the Dark’ - an Alila Experience in Goa.

Allow our Chefs to take you on a gastronomic sensory journey 'In the Dark’ as you feel with your senses of taste, smell, sound and touch. Relish an Indian vegetarian or non-vegetarian “thali” in pitch-darkness as you try and feel your way through the items on your plate and identify what you’re tasting. You will hear nothing but the soft clinking of cutlery and the silent whispers of patrons who are trying to guess what they are eating as you see the silhouette of your server in the distance. There are no rules in this delicious guessing game apart from savoring the flavourful delicacies in the dark. Imagine starting your meal with a hot gulab jamun while you actually meant to reach for that prawn starter in your thali. While you might guess the flavours and ingredients, getting the name of the dish right will be a true test of your palate. One would never imagine dining in the dark to be such fun.

The Chefs at Spice Studio have given innovative twists to the dishes on the menu to let your imagination run wild and will also be changing the menu at every sitting to retain the element of surprise. “When sight is eliminated, other senses grow more intense. There is a unique menu at every Dine in the Dark experience which is meticulously planned keeping in mind the texture, consistency and flavour of the items in the thali”, says Executive Chef Amit Pathania.

At the end of this culinary experience, you will probably only remember the texture of the dish and your server’s name as he is the only one who could be of any help, but we’re kind enough to put your mind at rest by giving you a copy of the menu.

Alila Diwa Goa first launched this concept during the International Earth Hour 2014 and rave guest reviews have brought it back as an Alila Dining Experience now happening on the last Thursday of every month till October 2014.

Time: 8 pm onwards

Price: INR 900 plus taxes (Food only)

Call to action: Please call +91 832 2746800 to make a reservation or for queries

Please note that only patrons above 12 years of age will be admitted into the restaurant due to safety reasons.

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