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Alila Villas Uluwatu Introduces Indonesian Street Food Nights

27 November 2014

For travellers keen to experience eating like the locals do, Alila Villas Uluwatu recreates the Indonesian ‘kaki lima’ street food experience one night a week in the beautiful outdoor setting of its Sculpture Garden.

The strolling street food carts, known as kaki limas, are a common sight in Bali, which sell an array of popular local dishes. To provide a truly authentic experience, Alila Villas Ukuwatu has collaborated with five local kaki lima owners who will set up food carts at the resort once a week to provide guests with a taste of Indonesian delicacies.

With the stars above, amid Dining at tables dotted around the lawn, under the stars in a relaxed street food ambience, softly lit with candles and lampions, guests can imbibe the sizzling sights, sounds and aromas as they watch the kaki lima owners cook their foods live following traditional street food techniques and serve their dishes in the same way they do on the street.

Guests who want to truly soak up the experience can try their hand at ordering dishes themselves from the stalls, with a knowledgeable service team to help translate if needed. On the menu is a choice of popular traditional street foods including Mie Ayam (chicken noodles), Babi Guling (suckling pig), Bakso and Pempek (meatball noodles and fishcake), Martabak (stuffed savoury pancake), and Es Campur and Es Cendol desserts. To accompany the dishes are a variety of local drinks and juices as well as fresh coconut drink and chilled local beer.

This collaborative initiative is a wonderful opportunity to promote the traditional Indonesian street food culture and way of life of the local community together with Alila’s philosophy of sustainability. All dishes are made as sustainably as possible using 100% locally sourced ingredients. All fresh produce, cooking equipment and facilities are provided by the resort, as is the expertise of its kitchen crew, who will share with the stall owners tips on healthy kitchen practices that they can take away from this experience and incorporate into their daily food preparation and cooking. The Indonesian Street Food dinner takes place once a week from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Guests can eat as much they want for a fixed price of Rp 350.000++.

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