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Take a restorative journey back to you

Spa Alila

While this region offers a feast for the senses—scenes of sprawling vineyards, scents unfolding as wine swirls in your glass, flavors bursting forth with each sip—Spa Alila provides vital replenishment for body, mind, and soul alike. The perfect respite before or after a day of exploration, it is as much about finding balance as it is about pampering, the beginning of a journey back to you.

Our holistic approach to well-being is rooted in the past, yet mindful of the future.
We blend centuries-old healing techniques with modern expressions, culminating in
a restorative experience. Let tension melt away with one of our signature massages. Revitalize your skin with a gentle yet powerful scrub. Relax in our steam room, perhaps rediscovering your center with a soothing meditation. Featuring natural Alila Living products and treatments guided by expert practitioners, Spa Alila is a surprisingly different wellness journey—one every bit as rewarding as Napa itself.

Open from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday-Sunday. Services Monday-Thursday available by appointment only.

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