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Sustainable Tourism

At Alila Bangsar, we are strongly committed to minimising our impact on the environment by adhering to a policy of environmental sustainability, and to creating a positive impact through initiatives that support the local community.

Green Initiatives

Our efforts to be as energy-efficient as possible include maintaining an ideal temperature setting for all AHU and FCU units in daily operation; window tinting to reduce heat penetration and maintain the cool temperature inside the building; and reducing the number of lifts in operation during off-peak hours.

Other initiatives include harvesting rainwater for use in watering the plants in and around the hotel, and using natural chlorine generated from salt to chlorinate the swimming pool, a much safer option. In addition, a 3M filtration system ensures a clean, clear drinking water supply. We also have plans to produce our own bottled water for in-house guests using the eSpring Water Treatment System and recycled glass bottles.

Local Community

In the spirit of giving back to our community, we support the following worthy local causes:

Giving Bag
Giving Bag is a sustainable hotel amenity that makes it easy for hotels and their guests to make a positive local impact. In support of this cause, a Giving Bag will be placed in every guest room and guests are encouraged to donate any unwanted and gently used items, which will be collected and donated to selected local charities.

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