Travel Alert: COVID-19 Update
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GDS Codes

Old Hotel ID# New Hotel ID# Hotel Name Amadeus ID Sabre ID Galileo/Apollo ID Worldspan ID Pegs ADS ID Travelweb ID
67380 75016 Alila Anji LFHZCAAJ LF309581 LFC5268 LFHGHAA LF67380 LF67380
61160 75019 Alila Jabal Akhdar LFMCTAJA LF220148 LFA4596 LFMCTAJ LF61160 LF61160
12161 75020 Alila Jakarta LFJKT878 LF58630 LF36385 LF7978 LFALILA LFALILA
12162 75021 Alila Manggis LFDPS794 LF323 LF26273 LF05794 LFSERAI LFSERAI
64908 75022 Alila Seminyak LFDPSALS LF283051 LFB4777 LFDPSAL LF64908 LF64908
66428 75025 Alila Solo LFSOCALS LF287442 LFB8049 LFSOCAS LF66428 LF66428
12163 75027 Alila Ubud LFDPS795 LF27090 LF25649 LF8426 LFUBUD LFUBUD
22112 75028 Alila Villas Uluwatu LFDPSAVU LF87599 LF95699 LFDPSVU LFULUWATU LFULUWATU
75420 Alila Fort Bishangarh LFJAIAFB LF313293 LFD1947 LFJAIFB LF75420 LF75420
77651 Alila Yangshuo LFKWLAYS LF315463 LFE0009 LFKWLAY LF77651 LF77651
77646 Studios at Alila Seminyak LFDPSSAS LF315745 LF9556 LFDPSSA LF77646 LF77646
59778 Ventana Big Sur an Alila Resort LFMRY001 LF56312 LF33198 LF0009 LF59778 LF59778
2431 Alila Bangsar LFKULAKL LF320865 LFE5847 LFKULAL LF2431 LF2431
1294 Alila SCBD LFJKTASJ LF320261 LFE5160 LFCGKAJ LF1294 LF1294

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