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Traditional Market
Alila Yangshuo . China
Enjoy a taste of local life as you explore Fuli Town Market. This ancient market is held on specific days each month and is a sight to behold! Local merchants with their bamboo rafts full of goods steer their way through the masses. A great spot to pick up Yangshuo specialities such as honeysuckle or myrtle, and local food such as baba, fried rice noodles and oil-tea camellia.


. Family

Sugar House Tour
Alila Yangshuo . China
Travel back in time to the 1960s as our Leisure Concierge brings to life the purpose of each unique heritage building, once making up the sugar factory complex. Imbued with the nostalgia of a bygone era, the Sugar House Tour also explains all the key steps in the artisanal sugar-making process. Equipped with a map, you can retrace the steps of the workers of this particular plant and at each location throughout the tour you will be handed exclusive “collector” postcards – a meaningful souvenir for you to take home to family and friends.


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