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Balinese 'Megibung'

Megibung is a traditional Balinese dining experience in which people share a meal together off one plate in a communal festive feast.The purpose of this is to strengthen social ties amongst the village members.

Sate lilit ikan
Minced fish sate on lemongrass

Sambel be tongkol
Tuna salad with shallot and lemongrass dressing

Siap base kalas
Chicken in spiced coconut milk

Bebek goreng Bali
Balinese fried duck

Lawar ayam
Green bean salad with chicken and grated coconut

Srombotan | V
Vegetables with Balinese style peanut dressing

Babi panggang
Grilled pork ribs with stir fried morning glory

Es daluman | V
Balinese green grass jelly

All above dishes are included in this menu for two.

IDR 390,000++ per person

V Menu items are vegetarian

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