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Cooking Class

Locally inspired, we definitely are. Join our Resident Chef discover local culinary tradition.

Cooking Class at The Organic Garden
10 am to 2pm | IDR 1,050,000++ per person

Gain a new sense of taste as you rediscover the wholesome, nurturing flavors of unprocessed ingredients. Grow your awareness of sustainable farming, which is sure to stimulate your appetite for a healthier, balanced lifestyle. After breakfast, head out to our organic garden just 10 minutes from the hotel, hidden below the foothills of Mount Agung overlooking the sea. Our gardeners will reveal the agricultural practices of Balinese farmers. Then, armed with boots and a rice hat, join in on the action in the garden, collecting seasonal ingredients, scaring the birds or simply waiting for the rice to grow from the shelter of a “kubukubu” -. a small hut built in the rice fields. Begin your organic cooking lesson with tastings from the garden followed by the Balinese lunch that you have cooked in a traditional Balinese pavilion.

Balinese Cuisine and Market Tour
7.30 am to 1.30pm | IDR 1,050,000++ per person

Balinese Cuisine and Market Tour experience the amazing sights, sounds and aromas of Klungkung market, one of the busiest village markets in East Bali. Back at the hotel, learn how to use the ubiquitous Ulekan (traditional Balinese mortar and pestle) to make the embodiment of Balinese cuisine – Bumbu Bali (Balinese curry paste) and Bumbu kacang (peanut sauce) – and prepare Balinese style nasi goreng (fried rice) in a wok and sate ayam (grilled chicken skewers). Savour the morning’s handiwork over a leisurely lunch in the restaurant.

Discover how health food and lifestyle go naturally hand in hand. off with an early morning trip to the local traditional market in Kerambitan. This kind of market really showcases the daily morning activities of the local community making preparations for their meals. Here you will find everything from exotic fruits, vegetables, spices and fish to flowers and all the essential elements for canang

Coastal Local Lifestyle Experience
7.30 am to 1.30pm | Rp 1,100,000++ per person

Fishing with Alila Manggis is an experienced specifically designed to give you and your friends an unforgettable holiday.

This experience takes you through the whole process “from catch to table” along with all the elements in between. You’ll see how to grill your fish using a traditional Balinese cooking technique named “Pepes”, where the fish is wrapped in banana leaves straight from our garden, then grilled and served with specially prepared sweet potatoes and “Sambel Bongkot”.

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