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Wellness Programs

At Spa Alila, we have created simple yet effective programs designed to help you rediscover your optimum level of wellness. Our treatments will not only cleanse your body, mind and soul but also bring about internal balance, giving a boost to your energy and vitality by infusing elements of Ayurveda, yoga, massage, fitness, hypnotherapy, pranic healing and nutrition.

The programs include in a minimum 3 nights stay, Ayurvedic consultation, nutritionally balanced meals, workshops, art therapy, yoga, meditation and spa treatments.

Detox Detour

Through a complete overhaul of your system the Detox Detour program will help you regain your balance by aligning the elements that constitute your body. It heals you inside out and its healing capabilities can offer respite from obesity, high cholesterol, anxiety and menstruation problems among others.


Weight management & vitality program

Weight Management & Vitality retreat inspires you to not just lose weight but also fat and inches. After the retreat you would have improved digestion, less water retention, and increased immunity and body stamina. In addition, you will experience heightened mental clarity, focus, concentration and memory and improved self-image and acceptance.


Revival program

The revival program is ideal for those seeking a complete break from the daily stresses of life. Our program is created keeping your personal goals and lifestyle interests in mind, as we plan to reclaim what you have lost to time and the unhealthy challenges of modern lifestyle. At the end of the program you experience a feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation, increased concentrations, and better sleep routine.


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