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营业时间:每日7.00am - 9.00pm

预订和咨询请致电: +91 832 2746800 或致函


Warm Stone

90 minutes | INR 4500 plus taxes per person

Heated smooth river stones are used in rhythmic flowing strokes over the body to melt away stress and soothe the mind. The stones are placed on various energy points to stimulate the body’s natural healing potential. This muscle relaxing massage combines the power of touch with the energy of the earth. Treatment begins with our signature foot bath.


60 minutes | INR 4250 plus taxes per person

Incorporating a continuous flow of warm medicated oil on the third eye, this treatment relaxes the mind and is also known to improve memory, regularize sleep patterns and control blood pressure. A complete de-stress regime.

Detox programs are also available as 3,5,7,10 and 14 - night packages.


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