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About the Destination

With its clean air, mountainous landscape, dense bamboo forests and tea plantations, and ease of access from the major cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, Anji offers a wonderful escape for city dwellers and nature-lovers.

Anji is known as the first National Ecological County in China, dedicated to preserving its pristine natural environment and developing pollution-free produce, including bamboo shoots and health-promoting white tea, Anji Bai Cha, one of the rarest of all Chinese teas.

Within the vicinity of the resort are many incredible sights to explore, including the Anji Bamboo Museum Garden, China’s largest bamboo nursery containing the widest variety of bamboo to be found in one place. Just over an hour’s drive will bring you to the Anji Grand National Bamboo Forest, Da Zhu Hai, one of eastern China’s largest and last remaining bamboo forests, famed as the backdrop for epic martial arts battles in the Oscar-winning movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’. Adventure also abounds. Those seeking an adrenaline rush will find Anji a fantastic place for river rafting in the summer, winding through the mountain ridges past incredible scenery.

Despite its brush with Hollywood fame, Anji remains relatively hidden. A place of perennial calm amid boundless greenery. A spectacular destination for outdoor activities, healthy pursuits or simply some quiet relaxation.

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