Sustainable Tourism

As a testament to its commitment to the environment and community, Alila Villas Soori is certified to have met the rigorous requirements of the EC3 Global EarthCheck Standard for Building, Planning and Design. EarthCheck is the world’s largest certification programme for sustainable travel and tourism businesses, and with over a decade of industry-specific benchmarking data and quantifiable scientific methods under its belt, its credibility is unmatched.


Green Initiatives of Alila Villas Soori

Green initiatives

Buildings are designed and oriented in a way that facilitates the passing of filtered natural light into the buildings while minimising heat gain during daytime. A combination of indigenous volcanic rock and abundant plants organically cool the villas. Furthermore, open courtyards provide natural ventilation and lighting, minimising the use of both air conditioning and artificial lighting. Efficient lighting systems are also in place, where lights have low mercury fittings with photo sensors and external lights have been carefully positioned.

Water efficiency is similarly a focus of the resort’s construction and operations. To cut down on water wastage, the resort utilises a potable water supply ensuring no island groundwater abstraction for resort construction and operations. Demand reduction for water is achieved through the use of water-efficient appliances in bathrooms, laundry and kitchens. A hydropneumatic system with booster pump is installed to enable uniform water pressure throughout the resort. Water consumption is reduced by 50 percent with a separation line between gardening water and domestic water. Irrigation of natural vegetation and landscaped areas also involves the use of recycled water.

Eco Consciousness of Alila Villas Soori


Local Community

In line with Alila’s vision of integrating commerce, conservation and community, Alila Villas Soori goes beyond eco-consciousness to engage the community within its West Bali locale. From its construction phase to today’s resort operations, the majority of those employed were sourced from the local labour pool. To further ensure that its presence contributes to the island’s economy, the resort subscribes to a purchasing strategy of sourcing 85 percent of all ingredients, goods and services, wherever possible, from local establishments. For example, the freshest vegetables and fruits are from local markets; the terracotta tiles carved with traditional Balinese motifs which adorn the property are locally commissioned from a village just 15 minutes away.

The resort’s commitment to supporting education for sustainability has been delivered through an English class at one of the local elementary schools and through a joint scholarship programme with Manajemen Pariwisata Indonesia (Mapindo), a foundation focused on developing local hospitality and tourism professionals.

Alila Villas Soori is supporting the Solemen Indonesia Foundation by providing health and safety education as well as teaching how to respect and protect the environment. Solemen is a Bali-based, Indonesian-registered, non-profit foundation working alongside accredited agencies and projects to alleviate suffering and support the disadvantaged in Bali.

In respect of its location within the fertile regency of Tabanan, known for being the island’s main rice-growing region, the resort was designed for minimal disruption to the rice paddy fields within and around the resort. It has even gone the extra mile to create further access for local farmers to tend the field. Beyond that, local religion is also accorded much respect, as a permanent access has been established for pilgrims to access the beach during religious festivals.


Silver Certification for Environmental Practice 2012 - 2014
EarthCheck Certification
Building, Planning & Design Standard Certification
EarthCheck Certification

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