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Meet the Dragons
The Komodo dragon is world famous for being the largest terrestrial reptile and for its uncanny resemblance to dinosaurs. These creatures are fascinating to observe in their daily activities and Komodo is the only place on Earth one can do so. Prepare to embark on a trek through the island’s gorgeous landscapes accompanied by knowledgeable rangers who will be happy to teach you all there is to know about these wonderful creatures.


Sands of Rose
Our world’s beaches vary in colour depending on what the sand is made of. Volcanic sand for example will be black while coral-based sands are mostly white. Sometimes however, the beaches will take on a mind of their own and create some stunning sands of astonishing colour and beauty. Komodo’s pink beach is one of only seven in the world and is created due to a unique mixture of white coral sand and red sand resulting from forams, a micro-organism living in these waters. We’ll set you up with sunbeds, parasols, cool drinks and all you may require for a perfect day of relaxation and exploration on this very unique and picturesque beach.


Kayaking through Aquatic Jungles
Mangrove trees are a species of flora that thrive in coastal sea water where they act as natural filters for eroded sediment and house a wide variety of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. Whether you prefer discovering these aboard our speedboats or wish to explore their nooks and crannies with our kayaks, this experience is sure to offer something for all members of your family to remember.


The Flying Fox’s Evening Shift
Flying foxes are the largest species of bat. They feed exclusively on fruits, hence their colloquial name “fruit bats”. These bats, unlike their smaller cousins, are not exclusively nocturnal and will often be seen active during the day around their roosting sites. At dusk, they can be seen flying in thousands from their roosting site to their next feeding ground. This is an excellent time to hop on our speedboat and view this phenomenon in its full splendour.


Mr. Clownfish’s Manicured Gardens
Coral gardens are gorgeous structures that lie relatively close to the surface where they enjoy the highest exposure to the sun’s rays. This makes snorkeling an ideal way to explore them as their beauty can be observed from the surface. You’ll find a kaleidoscope of fish all going about their daily routine, turtles lazily grazing upon the sea bed and may even be lucky enough to find manta rays checking in for their daily wash at one of the cleaning stations.


The Dragon’s Morning Routine
Komodo dragons, as for all reptiles, are cold-blooded. Their morning routine therefore usually entails basking on one of the island’s pristine beaches. Aboard our speedboats, we’ll go out on a search for that morning’s favourite spot to observe them as they walk along the beach and even venture into the water at times. Komodo dragons have adapted surprisingly well to the aquatic environment and will often swim from one island to the next. The particularly inquisitive ones might even swim up closer to our boat to say hi!

Diving Season & Information
May till October
Depth of diving
5 -30m
5 – 30m
Mild to highly strong
Surface Conditions 
Mild to rough in some places
Water Temperature  
20 - 29°C Diver
Experience Level
Number of dive sites

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