Alila Experiences... Our Leisure Concierge Concept. Explore the charm and beauty of Anji with the warm assistance of our Alila Leisure Concierge team.
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Winter bamboo shoot digging (Available in December and January)
48 hours advance booking required

Visit a local farmhouse near Alila Anji and, accompanied by a villager, head out into the bamboo forest in search of this winter delicacy. Using a hoe, enjoy the surprise of uncovering the winter bamboo shoots buried under the earth. Bring back your winter bounty and let our chef cook up a dish that exemplifies the “farm to table” concept.

RMB 388++ per person



Cooking class for adults
Guided by our chef, learn to recreate the flavours of Anji in a feast of local dishes. Savour every moment of the experience, and the delicious rewards of your efforts in the kitchen.

RMB 348 per person

Little cooking experts
Wearing your little chef's hat and apron, you'll look every inch the cooking expert, ready for our pastry chef to teach you how to bake cookies and make your own cake!

RMB 188 per child


Includes an Alila snack to go for your refreshment

Our picturesque setting is a delight for shutterbugs, offering an abundance of sights to capture. Allow our Leisure Concierge to show you the hidden spots where professionals have snapped the most amazing shots. Unveil the beauty of Anji through your lens, while enjoying the sights and serenity that surround you.

If you wish, we can also help you liaise with expert printers to develop a high quality print of your masterpiece.

RMB 80 per person per hour


Rates and details of Alila Experiences are subject to change and discussed prior to your confirmation.
For reservations and enquiries, please contact us at: +86 572 5103888 OR email: anjievents[at]


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Anji County, Zhejiang Province
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