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Spa Alila believes in all things natural, whether it be the spa ingredients that we source locally, or international brands that complement our treatment range. Spa Alila products are made from a creative blend of ingredients such as indigenous plants, fruits, herbs and spices.

Our blends feature combinations that are fragrant and so fresh they are almost edible - cucumber and aloe vera to soothe, lemongrass and ginger to refresh, coffee and coconut to tone and condition. Revitalise your skin's appearance with our green tea and seaweed facial scrub or hydrate fine lines with a pure C facial serum.

Our carrier massage oils are a pure blend of sweet almond and virgin coconut oils, rich in healing, nutritive and aromatherapeutic qualities. Virgin coconut oil is a truly unrefined coconut oil which we source from local villages in East Bali, where fresh coconut is shredded then cold-pressed to make coconut milk, fermented then separated and filtered. Virgin coconut oil has a much longer shelf life than most other carrier oils due to its natural anti-oxidant properties and is best applied directly to the skin for moisturising and conditioning.

Sweet almond oil is an excellent scent-free carrier oil for aromatherapy essential oils and is also remedial in the treatment of itching, inflammation and dryness. Rich in minerals and anti-oxidants, with proteins and vitamins D and E, sweet almond oil is often referred to in naturopathy as the queen of all carrier oils.

Our products include massage oils, body scrubs, facial scrubs and cleansers, bath salts, body milk, body spritz, lip balm as well as scented candles and natural insect repellent. Everything is available for you to recreate your unique Spa Alila experience at home.

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