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For those who appreciate the natural environment and the exclusivity of a luxury retreat developed in harmony with the destination, Alila Resorts offer the ultimate appeal, combining artisanal living, experiential travel, and a strong ethos of sustainability.

Alila means “surprise” in Sanskrit, reflecting the refreshing character of its properties and the reaction of guests during their stay. Developed in locations of exceptional natural beauty or cultural interest, Alila hotels and resorts consistently break the mould with their innovative designs, and eco-luxury set apart by unprecedented private space, personalised service, and unique guest experiences.

Leading the way in sustainable tourism, The Alila Brand philosophy is driven by its founding philosophy of crafting authentic destination experiences while minimising its environmental footprint. Many of its newer resorts are designed and built in accordance with strict EarthCheck standards, integrating the natural, physical and cultural elements of their environments.

Through bespoke lifestyle journeys tailored to individual preferences and interests, whether environmental, cultural, culinary or health and wellness in nature, the Alila Experience sets out to connect meaningfully on all levels, through the heart, mind and senses. Rediscovering the luxury of living - enriching and surprisingly different.

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